Discover how to better recover

Disaster recovery includes all activities pertaining to the drying, sanitation, odour control and cleaning processes necessary to restore damaged structures and content affected by a disaster.

The “Fédération de l'industrie de la restauration après sinistre (FIRAS)” was created in order to bring together contractors from the disaster recovery and restoration industries for the purpose of advancing their professional, economic, social and ethical development.

  • Promote the importance of disaster recovery (restoration).
  • Set ethical business standards.
  • Set and promote service standards for the industry.
  • Recommend best practices that are clear and fair, and in everyone’s best interest.
  • Foster and promote common interests among members, while keeping the customer’s interest in mind.
  • Build relationships and common ground between members and encourage the exchange of different viewpoints.
  • Ensure adequate industry representation when dealing with legislative bodies and government offices.
  • Compile and disseminate key information to our members and the public.
  • Encourage member companies to comply with industry standards, as well as federal, provincial and municipal government regulations.
  • Manage overall input from all members.