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The most popular sports in Canada

Canada is known as a sports-loving country. Canadians love physical activity to reduce obesity and most importantly to cope with the cold. Canada is a rich country, where locals share sports as well as cultural characteristics of their people. Therefore, Canada has become a country diversified with not only cultural but also sports. Canadian sports also dominate the world, as well as during the Olympic Games. Canadian winter sports are widely known throughout the five continents.

Here are basically the most popular sports in Canada.

  1. Hockey

Hockey is considered the most popular sport in Canada, that is honored as the official national sport in the country. Canadian Hockey Team, “National Hockey League (NHL)” was established both in Canada and the United States. Canada has 7 teams currently playing in NHL.

  1. Basketball

Initially, Basketball was a team sport, invented by a Canadian, James Naismith in 1891. He invented this sport, considering it as an indoor sport. He tried to find a safer sport that required skill, not using too much force to throw the ball. Now, basketball has evolved into a professional sport all over the world. The official basketball authorities in Canada are named “Canada Basketball“, founded in 1928. According to records, basketball was played in Canada before 1900. This sport ranked second 2 in the list.

  1. Rugby

The rugby football union was founded in England in 1871. British troops, British settlers and royal navy members introduced the sport to Canada in 1823. Now, Canada is one of the strongest competitors in world rugby exams. National training certification programs play an important role in Canadian rugby development.

Canada’s strong promotion in rugby is evident when the team participated in the Rugby World Cup in 1987, held in Australia and New Zealand. The Canadian national team surprised the world in the Rugby World Cup in 1991 when it won a ticket to the quarterfinals.

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