Kasyno Blik

Discover the Canadian ‘s popular sports


Although baseball is a national sport in the United States, its popularity has spread throughout the region of neighboring Canada. In the red maple country, Baseball is one of the most popular summer sports. The majority of baseball players in Canada bring enthusiastic to young college students and sports audiances.

The best golden age of Canadian baseball was the 90s when the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team two consecutive times won the World Baseball Series. By 1997, Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies National League was honored to be the first Canadian to receive a prestigious award – the world’s best baseball player.


Currently Cricket is becoming more popular in Canada. In 1968 Canada became a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to increase the opportunity to participate in international tournaments. Canada’s national Cricket team regularly plays in international tournaments. By the time the Canadian national cricket team competed for five ICC Cricket World Cup competitions, the last time was in 2016. Canada is now promoting its curriculum, training and related activities.


Curling is one of the top popular sports in Canada. To play this sport, there must be two teams, each consisting of four people, each using a stick to push the stone marbles on the ice surface towards the goal. From the beginning of the 19th century, in 1807 the first Curling club in Canada was established. Both men and women can participate in this sport, so it’s understandable that Curling is one of the most popular women’s sports on TV.


Tennis Canada is the governing body for tennis in this country. Tennis Canada implemented a tennis development plan in Canada by encouraging people to participate in the sport at the local, national and international levels. Currently, Tennis is one of the interesting pastimes of Canadians. Currently the number of tennis players in Canada is up to nearly 3 million, of which more than 50% are young people.


Scotland is home to Golf – aristocratic sport. When Scots immigrated to Canada, they brought Golf to spread to Canadians. In October 1973 Canada’s first Golf Club – Montreal Golf Club (MGC) was founded by a young man named Alexander Dennistoun from Scotland, he was also the first president and captain of MGC. The important event is the driving force for golfing in Canada and at the moment Canada is one of the best golfing countries in the world.