Kasyno Blik

Canadian “Weightlifting fairy”: From skinny girl to sports icon

By posting her muscular, healthy images on social media regularly, Natasha Aughey inspired many people and became a bodybuilding icon since she was only 23 years old.

Natasha Aughey was born in 1993 in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). As a child, this girl had an intense passion for gymnastics, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Ever since entering high school, she has been attached to the school gym and has been practicing hard for many years. But she realized that she had not achieved the change in shape she wanted. Despite losing weight and having a slender figure, it does not develop any curves. Therefore, Natasha began seeking advice from experienced athletes and was encouraged to practice lifting weights to have a dream shape.

With an effective workout plan and diet, soon Natasha owned a healthy body with toned muscles. Her strong legs, muscular shoulders and tight waistline made her stand out in the fitness community. Her friends also encouraged her to create an account on social network to share her images.

Natasha first posted on Instagram in 2013 and almost immediately attracted much attention thanks to her physique. For the next 3 years, the girl from Canada accumulated a large number of followers on the social media and was admired for her hard work in the gym. In 2016, at the age of 23, Natasha had become a bodybuilder icon and was the same Instagram star no less than any celebrity.

The shedding of physique and her pretty face were given the nickname “weightlifting fairy” by fans. She is more expensive in bra pictures when she receives an invitation to collaborate. Maybe for many people, Natasha Aughey’s muscular body lacks the soft femininity of a woman, but she is confident with what she has. When taking off her shirt, Natasha Aughey seduced in the body dresses that showed off a 3-row curve. Fans do not forget to model her into a mythical character icon with physique that even men wish to own.