Kasyno Blik

Toronto Raptors to become NBA 2019 champion

The Canadian team defeated Warriors 114-110 in the final 6 game, thereby winning 4-2 in the series of seven wins of four in the 2019 US professional basketball final.

In a key game, the two teams chase the attractive score from start to finish. 18 times to lead a side change, nine draws and no team creates a bigger gap than nine points.

On the side of the Toronto Raptors, Kawhi Leonard did not have much land to play when he had three personal errors soon. However, Kyle Lowry became the Raptors’ top scorer at the start of the match with four successive three-point throws. The team succeeded in 13 out of 33 long throw opportunities, better than the 8 out of 32 times played in game 5.

The Warriors host expressed his determination to win the final match at Oracle Arena after 47 seasons, despite the absence of owner Kevin Durant. Andre Iguodala has the best play-off match this year with 22 points. Klay Thompson shines with 30 points with a basketball performance of up to 75%. Four long-range shots into the basket help the 29-year-old defender become the third most successful NBA Playoffs three-point throws.

However, the champion still gained bad luck when Thompson was forced to leave the field in the third half because of torn knee ligaments. The absence of the 11th-shirt defender made the task of shining into the star Stephen Curry. Tightly tied after Thompson came out, the two-time MVP player still scored 21 points, but only got 27% performance from the three-point mark.

On the other side of the battle line, the satellites around Leonard played well. Pascal Siakam had 26 points and 10 rebounds after 46 minutes. Fred VanVleet and Serge Ibaka scored a total of 37 points from the bench.

The match is thrilling until the final moments. The Raptors lead only one point in the fourth half to 18.5 seconds. Danny Green lost the ball, and Steph Curry could not take advantage of the following opportunity to make a successful three-point throw.

Three free throws at Kawhi Leonard‘s last second resulted in a 114-110 victory for the Eastern defending champion in game 6. In the end, the Raptors won 4-2 in the seven-game series four and had for the first time in their history of NBA victory.