Kasyno Blik

Chelsea young star wondered to play for England, Nigeria or Canada

Possessing a rather complicated position, until now, Chelsea’s rising center-back Fikayo Tomori has not yet decided which country to devote to.

In the fifth round of the Premier League, Fikayo Tomori gave Chelsea’s 5-2 victory over Wolves with a superb strike. It was only the second match in the 21-year-old English Premier League but he left a deep impression on the fans.

Tomori’s ability was seen by coach Frank Lampard when he urged him on. However, it is this ability that makes Tomori a target of disputes for the three countries of England, Nigeria and Canada. Specifically, Tomori was born in Canada with Nigerian parents. But as soon as Tomori was young, his family moved to England. Tomori has played for Canada U20, U20 England and U21 England teams.

But like the case of teammate Tammy Abraham, Tomori faced the enormous pressure of the Nigerian Football Federation. Currently, this African country wants to take ownership of both young stars on the Chelsea payroll. This makes Tomori consider a lot.

“I am a citizen of 3 countries and we have to wait and see. I was born in Canada and lived there for about the first 7 or 8 months of my life. My family is rooted from Nigeria. I live in England now and I feel really great because of that. I can’t play for the Under-21s anymore so I didn’t get a summons for the last batch. But in the next batch, who knows. ”

Lampard gave Tomori advice: “It is his right to choose. I will not tell which team Tomori must play for. But Tomori used to play for England Under 21. If he can keep up the progress and performance as he is now, I would like to see him in England, of course there must be the consent of Gareth Southgate “.