Kasyno Blik

‘King’ sports for international students

One of the quickest ways to socialize and make friends abroad is through sports. For that reason, knowing how to play your favorite sports in the country you intend to study abroad with will help you get closer to the natives.

Ice hockey is considered to be the most favorite sport in the country of maple leaves, partly reflecting the very cold weather characteristic of Canada. Canadians also have many successes in tennis, rugby, soccer, weightlifting and baseball. Sports such as cricket, rugby and football are among the most watched and played sports in this country.

Australian sports history is marked by illustrious stories and moments of victory. Tournaments like Ashes, Melbourne Cup and America’s Cup have contributed to the Australian national identity alongside success at the Olympics, the Paralympics and the Commonwealth Games.

Chinese culture has long been associated with martial arts. But through the Olympics, the Chinese also became “fans” of many other sports. Basketball, soccer, table tennis and volleyball are the sports that attract the most viewers and players in this country.

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Like most other European countries, football is the most popular sport in France when the national football background has more than 2,000,000 professional players. France is also mentioned a lot with rugby, racing and of course indispensable mountain bike. Tour de France – the most famous cycling race in the world has been a familiar name even for those who are not interested in sports.

The most popular sport in Germany is football. Germany once won four world football championships while FC Bayern Munich became one of the strongest clubs in the world.

In addition, Germans still prefer other forms including ice hockey, basketball, handball, racing and tennis. Germany is also one of the most successful sports countries of all time because it is ranked third in the total number of Olympics medals and owns about 100,000 sports clubs.