Kasyno Blik

Exciting activities for international students in Canada in the winter

Winter in Canada has always been a very different experience for students. Here are some suggestions for activities that international students in Canada can take part in in the winter.

In winter, in most parts of the country the temperature of day and night is usually below 0 degrees C. Especially, in some places, the temperature is lower than -25 degrees C. It can be said that winter in most Canada, snow covered with white eyes. The higher the region and the north, the longer and colder winters.

At a time when the weather is colder, it is also the time when students are about to finish important exams. After that is a long holiday and welcome the new year. During this time, there are many entertainment activities taking place around the country, popular are outdoor skating, skiing, sightseeing on sleighs…

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 14 - United States v Canada

Outdoor activities in the winter always attract the participation of a large number of international students in Canada, especially those from tropical countries.

Canada has a dense system of mountains with gentle slopes, which is a paradise for skiers. In Canada, it is impossible not to mention Ice Hockey – the sport is considered a symbol of Canada, and is also the sport of the people of this North American nation.

However, to participate in outdoor games, you need to wear a hat to cover your head and wear gloves, high boots, and a scarf to avoid catching a cold.

In the winter, students in Canada also have the opportunity to visit the world’s longest skating rink, the most popular tourist destination in the capital, Ottawa city.


This ice skating rink is Rideau Canal – one of 800 world heritage sites in Canada that has been recognized by UNESCO. With a frozen surface of water up to 30cm thick, it has created an ideal place for thousands of visitors to admire, photograph and skate.

Winter in Canada is not too cold, terrible as many people imagine. On the contrary, international students in Canada consider this a valuable time to experience the new cultural and sporting activities when the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius.