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What makes Canadians proud of their country

There are many reasons why Canadians always feel proud when they mention their homeland.

In Canada, the health system is excellent with a system of modern and preeminent medical machines and equipment. Canada is also famous as a country with the world’s leading medical education, attracting a large number of international students every year. Therefore it is obvious that the team of doctors and nurses are also highly specialized and trained in professional service style.

As a country with cold winters, record low temperatures comparable to Mars, with a peak of -63 degrees Celsius, Canada is the “home” of winter sports. Among them, hockey is the most popular and considered a national sport.

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Canadians are known all over the world for their politeness in action and communication. “Please”, “Thank you” and “Sorry” are considered their frequently used sentences. In addition, when communicating and expressing opinions, Canadians often use soft language, reduce speech to avoid affecting others as well as build good relationships.

Since July 2015, Canada has become the fourth country in the world to recognize same-sex marriage. For Canada, everyone has equal rights, especially in love. Gender discrimination is also unlikely in this country.

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If American culture is a blend of cultures, then in Canada, different ethnic groups live together. They get along well with each other but still retain their traditional home values ​​without cultural change. This creates a multicultural, multi-ethnic Canada.

Canadians always maintain a strong sense of pride in calling Canada their home. They also rarely boast about their country freely even after Canada has been ranked in the top most livable countries in the world recently.

Everyone is respected and treated equally in Canada regardless of gender, religion, color or place of birth. Canadians are educated and encouraged to live peacefully, equally and freely with everyone around them.