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Jenson Button was most surprised at F1 Canada

Heavy rains and a series of other incidents helped the 2009 world champion to win a dramatic victory at the Gilles Villeneuve racetrack. He passed Sebastian Vettel right in the final round on Sunday night.

This is the first leg of Jenson Button (McLaren) since China Grand Prix last year. The British star’s path to victory is very dramatic. Starting only in seventh place, soon had to receive a penalty for driving through the pit lane but Button still won first place in the Canadian Grand Prix despite having to go to the pit five times.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho F1 Canada

Heavy rain in Montreal made the road surface slippery and there were many collisions. Safety car appeared 5 times on the track and the race must pause for up to 2 hours, contributing to giving Button a gift full of surprises after the race lasting more than 4 hours.

The bad weather and wet roads made the racing team have to leave behind a safe vehicle. Only after 4 laps, when the competition improved, did the race really begin. Shortly thereafter, at the corner of the first round in the fifth round Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) caused a controversial situation when his MP4-26 hit the left flank of Mark Webber’s RB7 (Red Bull) while trying to pass.

The race organizers announced that they would consider the crash. The collision caused Webber to drop to 12th while Hamilton fell to 7th after teammate Button.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho F1 Canada

Hamilton thought he would soon have to receive a penalty after a collision with Webber, but the British star escaped the penalty after having to give up almost immediately afterwards. Attempts to overcome teammate Button on the straight line in round 8 caused Hamilton to be entangled in the rear of his teammate MP4-26.

Hamilton’s car hit a fence and broke the rear wheel suspension. The world champion in 2008 had to give up on the race track for good. Hamilton’s controversial style of play was once again heavily attacked. Button was suspected of deliberately badly playing his comrades.

Safety cars were deployed immediately after the accident to facilitate the transfer of Hamilton’s MP4-26 off the track. Button then received a penalty for driving through the pit lane for speeding when it was safe to do so.