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Why soccer shoes need to fit snugly

Fit snugly is an important factor when choosing football shoes that every player must know. But why do soccer shoes need to hug? If not, what will happen?

Foot-hugging soccer shoes are shoes that fit well, snugly close to your feet, and even feel a bit tight when you’re new. The shoes will hold the wearer’s feet tightly from the inner cheek, outer cheek, instep, heel, especially the toes of the foot.

Football shoes require a high degree of fit because this is a sport that is strong, fast, moving frequently, shoes must be subjected to external forces that are constantly impacted, often collide with the ball.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bóng đá

Good football shoes in addition to good protection for the wearer also feels authentic ball. Feeling the ball is a very important factor!

Young players who enter the furnace often play football on bare feet without shoes. This works to enhance the feeling of the ball and enhance the force of the foot. When switching to playing professional football, using shoes, the shoes need to meet the requirements of good ball feeling, so need to hug your feet.

Players when using canvas shoes on concrete or hard ground, when switching to soccer shoes, they often feel uncomfortable. However, after a period of use, you will get used to it and see the effect of shoes that cover the foot – it can be said to be part of the foot. And this is also the criterion that manufacturers of sportswear, soccer shoes are always aiming for.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bóng đá

If you wear a loose shoe on the field, you will not be able to run for a while. Even if you try to find a pair of larger sizes for initial comfort, very quickly, you will have to return with a shoe that fits. Because to move and difficult to say nothing about soccer!

The shoes cannot fit well, making the ball feel not good, you can not control the ball. But the impact of the ball cannot pass through the shoe and to your feet because of its loose nature.

Soccer shoes without hugging feet also make the force of force decrease sharply. Shot is created when the player swings his leg up and transmits force from the body into the ball. Shoes that do not hold your feet make the force dispersed when it creates a gap between the shoes and the feet.