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What is a true athlete

Do you have a teammate who hate to lose? Or are you the same type of athlete?

No one likes to lose a match, but people need to behave politely when the loser. It is a skill that requires practice just like you practice riding a bicycle. Quite simple, but not trained, it can not do.

It is important to overcome the initial difficulties. Over time, you can easily control your temper and act well even if you don’t win. No one does not want to be your teammate. Because you’re not only trying in the game but more importantly, being polite even when you’re sad about an unsatisfactory result.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VẬN ĐỘNG VIÊN

Everyone wants to win. But in any match there will be winners and losers, unless the score is a tie. You can lose without losing anything, like in a practice match. But when you lose in a big and meaningful tournament, like the Olympics, for example. I certainly cannot describe your disappointment.

So no wonder no one likes it. However, every player needs to control the reaction when losing. This is highly recommended, especially in professional matches.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VẬN ĐỘNG VIÊN

You don’t necessarily have to feel differently, but the action is right. Instead of storming into fights or cursing the winning side. Restrain any bad deeds and acknowledge their victory. Congratulations to them.

This action is often performed in all matches from cities, countries, to international and global tournaments. Each team lined up after the match, shook hands to congratulate your team, thanked, and praised for a beautiful match.

Sure, as a losing team, you won’t be happy. But this tradition is to ask the athletes to maintain a good sporty spirit, to accept the results, whether good or bad. When you leave the field, you are free to express your opinion, complain about the game, or express disappointment.