Kasyno Blik

Jonathan David – Canada’s most comprehensive young striker

After Bayern Munich won the treble in the 2019-2020 season, it was known the name Alphonso Davies, a talent from a less-known Canadian football background. Alphonso Davies, however, is not the only all-round talent of maple-leaf football at the moment. The name we are talking about here is Jonathan David, the striker is about to move to Lille next season.

Jonathan David was only 16 at the time, playing in the Ottawa Cup, a tournament for male amateurs from a football training system that includes the region’s best soccer academies. David’s Ottawa Internationals then defeated the Gloucester Celtic, which included a lot of credit for the teen player. He is the one who scored the goal in the final.

Jay Da Costa, a longtime technical director of Ottawa Gloucester Hornets, has followed the way his team is contained in the midfield. Many players before that knew nothing about David. After all, he’s still just a kid in a youth tournament. “You’re too good to play here,” Da Costa recalled hearing the players say that to David. “You have to go somewhere else.

At the age of 20, David began his professional career with a professional contract moving from Gent to Lille OSC. The team playing in Ligue 1 wants to return to the Champions League. A source confirmed his record 30 million euros. That is the most expensive transfer amount for a Canadian player.

Even more expensive than the amount Bayern Munich had to pay to get Alphonso Davies, nearly 22 million euros. Even that is the most expensive transfer money in Jupiler Pro League and Lille. Few people could think of that except David himself. His path to Europe was completely unusual, even he only came to France by believing in himself.

Like other young players in North America, he always dreamed of playing in Europe. During his childhood, David watched Ronaldinho play Barcelona and AC Milan. And he was fascinated by the influence he had on the game with every touch.