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The Canadian weightlifting Queen

Natasha Aughey has been a fitness icon since she was only 23 years old. Her healthy toned body has inspired many people. She has a strong passion for weightlifting sports and sports from a very young age. Natasha Aughey in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) has practiced early and has a fairly scientific and healthy living regime.

When she reached high school, she continued to stick with the school gym. She joined the practice weightlifting very often over the years. However, Aughey still did not achieve the body he wanted. Therefore, Aughey continues to look to experienced athletes. And she was advised by them to lift weights to have the ideal body as she desired.

With an effective training plan and diet plan, not long after, Natasha had a healthy body with toned muscles. Currently, this girl has strong legs, muscular shoulders, and muscularity like a man. Especially, Aughey’s slim waistline and 6-pack abs make many people fall in love.

Thanks to a toned body no less than healthy men, Aughey is famous on social networks. Isolating Instagram in 2013 and almost immediately gained a lot of attention thanks to her physique.

After 3 years of the girl since establishing her own social networking site Instagram, she has a large fan base. By 2016, when he was only 23 years old, Aughey became a bodybuilding icon. Her charisma on Instagram is as good as any other celebrity.

Her face is too beautiful, in contrast to her muscular body, making men both loved and scared. In order to have strong muscles, she had to do heavy-duty gyms for men only. At the same time she used functional powder to support muscle gain during weightlifting exercise.

Her durian belly area was as beautiful as a statue, as firm as a rock. Maybe for many people, Natasha Aughey’s muscular body lacks the soft femininity of a girl, but she is always confident in what she has.